Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cuz it's Crucial that you Get Wet at the Whig!

Come see thee Crucials & the Get Wets March 26th at el Whig!

Spread the word like jock itch in the boys locker room bozos & get ready to rock, bop and slop yer ass off! Finally two giants of the sleazy Southern garage scene meet to bash out thee beat, March 26th...all fer FREE at the wanton and wonderous Whig no less!

See the Get Wets, South Carolina's Soul Slopsters...
See thee Crucials, Georgia's Garage Go-Getters...
Swing from the rafters and go straight bananas!
So wild ya won't believe yer eyes or ears, kids!

Oh boy-o-boy, this gonna be a bonkers ball, baby! Come to dance and give crazy a chance! Squares beware (bring a pair, why don't ya)!