Sunday, January 30, 2011

the Get Wets Get a Cut on a Comp-i-lation!

Oh uh, baby...the Get Wets' good word has spread to those flyin' saucers of sleazy sound, the comp-i-lation compact disc! The raucous but friendly folks over at Real Punk Radio were gracious enuf (need we say crazy enuf to boot) to include the Get Wets' very first recordin', a below-fi, blast-tastic cover of "Bust Out" (originally knocked out by the Makers)...from back when the Get Wets were just a trio (pre-D.B. on keys, even!), this disc is solely fer the savage sect, squirt!

Snag yer copy of Killing the Record Industry vol. 1 right about here...& did we spill the beans about this beauty bein' free!?!...just slide 'em something fer shippin' & it's in yer sweaty mitts! Only 200 copies so get 'em while they're kickin'...
EDIT: Sadly [as of March 8th 2011] Real Punk Radio has gone the way of the internet buffalo and is no mo'...& just like that the entirety of the Get Wets' discography is outta print, pickle-breath! ...but no worries, the soggy boys are rollin' to the recordin'-box rock with great hopes of poppin' out some sound platter action sure to be a party-shatterin' attraction...stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Again, the Gets Wets Live on the Columbia Beet!

Once more with feeling? ...yes coo-coos, a veritable one half of the Get Wets will be soakin' Soda City's airwaves again this very Friday, January 21st around 5pm with a wild live performance or three and enuf gibber, jabber, & nonsensical blather to make even open minds wonder what on this green earth is wrong with their radio!
Turn yer radio dials to WUSC-FM fer a happy hour of party power on the Columbia Beet...this event promises it'll be an audio treat!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

a Bon Voyage Party fer Pity Rally at Bey's

What better way to bow out than with a blow out, baby!?!
Our Cola-town music compatriots, Pity Rally are callin' it quits & this calls fer a party that fits...So come join the Get Wets at Bey's January 28th fer this special sendoff show spectacular!
Pity Rally & the Get Wets, Bey's, January 28th 2011
watch those party roll-bars, baby!