Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shannon & the Clams - Sleep Talk

I rarely do the new-album-anticipation, ants-in-my-pants dance, but ever since I saw Shannon & the Clams last year in Athens, GA I've been sweatin' & shakin' at the the platter is out & I'm goin' bananas!

Sleep Talk could be a sleeper to the less that sophisticated slop'n'bop listener & honestly I snoozed thru my first spin, but now I'm wide wake & this record has thee shake! Clams fans are usta ruff'n'tumble doo-wop meets girl group meets surf-punk sound of their prior spinners and this dinger keeps ringin' that bell, but dare I say in a slightly sweeter way, if I Wanna Go Home was the party disaster platter, this new LP must be the after-shingdig soirée...not as much rambunctious but still a few rollickin' numbers ("the Cult Song", "King of the Sea") shuffled into a mix of mid-tempo boppers ("Baby Don't Do It", "Done With You")...I really dig the emphasis on girl group wallop, which is what really cuts this beat combo more than a notch above the in-crowd, natch...while the title cut just kills me, my stand-out may be "Oh Louie" due to the intentional (?) send-up to the legacy of prior Louies (do I really need to yak anymore about that!?!)

I don't think I can describe in dribble here how much I dig this band and this record will be on deck fer the foreseeable tropical future...ya need this sucker on yer hi-fi, like yesterday baby...& if ya ain't singin' along by the time the needle hits the end-of-record hiss, get yer ears checked kids!

Couple o' sample songs to get yer music noodle a-doodlin' below

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hey Hey Hey, It's International Louie Louie Day!

Look-out, I gotta shout, on account of today being one of my all-time fave holidays, International Louie Louie Day baby!...praise be to the late Richard Berry fer bestowin' upon us the hi-potent of lament that is Louie Louie...since this is my third time round celebratin' this terrific tune, let's pound-down with three samples of this wild sound...

First off, let's get a bit dirty with the rad Pacific Northwestern sound of the Nomads, a party pleaser of the craziest caliber...

...& to take this baby international, let's skip over to Japan and flip to Jackey Yoshikawa & his Blue Comets...another real-gone burner with sleazy sax and the beat to keep!

...and in the mood of keepin' things tropical let's take a trip with the Beach Boys' beautiful doo-bop version, a not so subtle attempt to re-create the original Berry & the Pharaohs style, like wild!

Fer more on the proper party etiquette of today's lunacy go dig

...and if ya feel like hangin' around, go get down to last year's ILLD post, baby and be sure to dig the dah-dah-dah, da-dah all day!