Monday, July 25, 2011

Say Brother Record Release Shindig

Yeppers, thee Columbi-yeah show of the century is this Friday, baby!
Local Honeys!
los Perdidos!
...all windin' up to Say Brother goin' wild and at the boys' request, the Get Wets to close out their record release shindig at New Brookland Tavern...ya ain't never seen a dance like this!

Oh and there's gonna be grub to go in yer gut too, but get there early (show starts around six) cuz this sorta party will sell out quick-like!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

the Get Wets' slop-bopper, "Wet 'n' Wild"

Well wipe out yer ear-holes dolls cuz here's that Get Wets #1 wonder, "Wet 'n' Wild", warts 'n' all, recorded live at el Whig by Mr. Artie Mondello, June 2011...dig it!

"Wet 'n' Wild" by the Get Wets

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mondellos Mayhem

Ahoy party girls and's a few snapshots of the Sodden Sultans of Slop in full-tilt fun-fracas mode at el Whig a few Fridays ago:

Sure feel sorry fer ya sad saps that missed this Mondellos hap!...tomorrow we're gonna slap a live Get Wets original up, recorded by Artie Mondello the very same nite as these pics, ya dig...
And if yer in the mood to move and groove tonite, come celebrate the Whig's 6th year of wild times...I'll be there sportin' my white-on-white Columbi-Yeah shirt, so stop on by, say hi, & party til yer cross-eyed