Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nobody animal-house parties like us, baby...

Another blast & a half was had at the Cypress Hill house party last nite baby!...hopefully we'll get some snapshots of the shakin' & stompin' action posted fer yer pretty eyes soon but til then a lil flashback of the Get Wets full tilt house party pound-down from the last show at the (sadly defunct) Love Shack earlier this's just the tail end of the frenzied fracus cover of les Sexareenos' sinful song "Put Out"...dig it & make it last til the next Get Wets wail tale, kids...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Get Wets' Smoke Signals & Pow-wow House Party

Wanted to slide in a quick sliver of Get Wets super-press on the heels of our Free Times Music Crawl show from the crazy & cool Mr. Kevin Oliver's Wrap Up article:

The Get Wets: Count this as the pleasant surprise of the night for me, as I had not experienced the barely controlled mayhem that is a Get Wets show prior to this. Even on a chilly evening playing outdoors the Get Wets were decked out in nothing more than red swim trunks and white T-shirts, making for a memorable visual as well. Garagey and fun, they get bonus points for the Free Times references dropped into one of their party anthems just for this occasion.


...Like wild, I think we wow'd 'em, baby! So goes the Get Wets' last bar show of the year, but wait we got one last house party yet to throw this's our smoke signal send-up to primitive pow-wow action with us shakin' & stomp dancin' at the famous Cypress Hill house finally, & with the lunatic fun likes of the Lean Few, too (Rob the Throb's two-man-band from Charlie-town)...come dressed to impress in yer finest high-heel moccasins & fanciest head-dress, we're gonna be layin' it down pre-gobble-gobble weekend party style!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the Big B-day Blues...But Not Really, Baby

On this wild ride it's time fer a milemarker, the 30 years shakin' on this sphere many strange days and weird nites, no time or care to share any particulars here at length, but I've had this Emerson quote zippin' around my mind--"Tobacco, coffee, alcohol, hashish, prussic acid, strychnine, are weak dilutions: the surest poison is time" I have a vague notion of how much time I've spent & what I've reaped, here's to havin' plenty ahead to sow, to wager even, on future's to what's to come & a tune to get at the heart of the mood, baby...

Them "Don't Look Back"

But this is a party place, not a sob-fest site so here's to the celebration of life!
One group in the past year that surely deserves acclaim fer much of the insights & goodnites is my fraterity of brothers of the same bent appeal, the S.I.P. Society (Sigma Iota Pi always)...
" yer health, baby"...& I'd be super remiss without a cheers to my beautiful baby and better half, L.E., fer simply being so sweet...

the Untamed Youth "Sophisticated International Playboys Theme"

...& natch I can't get off this merry-go-round without a spin of one of my top 5 fave party pounders, 'cuz quite frankly everybody should know by now that the bird is the word baby!

the Trashmen "Surfin' Bird"

...& why not one more just to reinforce my nickname-claim-to-fame...three decades of ridin' the tide, sail on baby...

the Surfaris "Wipeout"

...always baby, always...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the Get Wets Music Crawl Scrawl

So the Get Wets got some super swell Music Crawl scrawl in today's issue of the Free Times, courtesy of the always fun, number one Logan Young:

The Get Wets
8 p.m.

A garage-rock band without a guitarist is like, well, a garage band with no guitar. And yet these local trashcan Sinatras aren’t missing a single string. What they lack in the treble gets amply compensated on the low end. Theirs is a bottomed-out blitzkrieg of King Khan skiffle and Link Wray surf. Art Bar in autumn might be a tad bit nipply for their patented trunks ‘n’ flops, but once the nips o’ whiskey get swallowed, methinks frontman Jim Stark will have stripped to his skivvies in record time. Pace yourself, though. The Get Wets’ jangly rhythm ‘n’ booze is indeed a slippery slope.