Monday, February 19, 2007

First G.C.S.P.S. Showcase

It's shindig time, gang!
Wednesday, February 21st on WUSC from 8-10pm (EST),
thee premier episode of the Greater Columbia Society for the Preservation of Soul Showcase is gonna start the party with a chaotic bang...Sindoolah and Jim Stark host this radio ruckus with Society members and friends droppin' in to drop the needle on some serious sounds...look out fer this blowout, pound down!

EDIT: Sooo...Sindoolah checked out sick and Jim Stark raged on...Big thanks goes out to Arch Stanton for blowin' minds the last half of the showcase...In theory the playlists will be provided here (if we can remember) and it just so happens we gots the very first one right below.

G.C.S.P.S. Showcase 2/21/07
Les Baxter "I Dig"
Jennell Hawkins w/ Richard Berry & the Lockettes "the Mess Around"
Winehead Willie & Sweet Lucie Brown "the Last of the Big Time Spenders parts 1 & 2"
Beacham Coakley's Emerald Beach Hotel Orchestra "Ugly Woman"
the Brouges "Someday"
the Church Keys "Oogy Wawa"
the Magic Tones "Good Googa Mooga"
Spencer Davis Group "I'm a Man"
Howlin' Wolf "Dog Me Around"
Big Boss Man "Humanize"
Charles Sheffield "the Kangaroo"
Carlo Montez "Danger in Go Go Boots"
the Lamplighters "Be Bop Wino"
the Psychotic Petunias "Surfin' Bird"
the Untamed Youth "Bird Dance Beat"
Sir Bald Diddley & his Right Honourable Big Wigs "Birdman"
Joe Hill Louis "Boogie in the Park"
Roky Erickson & the Aliens "Before in the Beginning (live '77)"
Chaino "Ubangi Rock"
(This is where the going gets weird with Mr. Stanton at the helm)
Corsano/Yeh/Flaherty "Shabuna Goonda"
Mann Fernandez "If F was 5"
Brinjal Pickle "Collage Girl"
Monk Man Cometh "Bemsha Swingers"
774 Street Quartet "Fishburg and Warrenteon"
Dr. Marhog "Moricon Recone"