Thursday, February 8, 2007

Rock'N'Roll Radio Goes Blog!

Welcome to the new Rock'N'Roll Radio website...tranmorgified into what the kids call a "blog"...dig it.

Don't have a heartattack, all the playlists from past Rock'N'Roll Radio shows are still available to drool over by clickin' the "Playlist Archives" pic above or clickin' here.

Why start the blog then!?! ...Well Rock'N'Roll Radio is gonna be sharin' it's timeslot on good ol' WUSC-FM with the Greater Columbia Society for the Preservation of Soul and we needed a way to spread the word 'bout what's gonna be shakin' on the airwaves of WUSC on Wednesdays from 8-10pm (EST)

Also, I feel like preachin' the joys of the raunchy noise and what better way than a blog, baby!

Stay Sleazy, ya sickos and stop by often!