Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wild Wild Sound Podcast on GaragePunk.com

In addition to the my trashy radio show Rock'N'Roll Radio, here's a heads up fer ya kids who wanna get hip to my podcast happenin',
Wild Wild Sound ...keepin' it sleazy on the GaragePunk.com Podcast station with themed 'casts of the crazy variety...

Wild Wild Sound Episode 4: Good Girls Gone Garage just 'cast out today!
Dig it as well as previous episodes...all playlists available by request only...leave me yer email addy and playlist(s) desired as a comment to this post and I'll shoot it out to ya, super-speedo like!

[NOTE FROM THE TRASHBIN: Sadly this eppy-sode has been wiped off the face of the internet...I'll do my darnedest to dig it up and repost it!] 


Comandante G / Daggerlady / said...

Amazing episode! I'm really enjoying it over and over, and looking for all those girl bands already!