Monday, April 16, 2007

This Week's (Hour Long) Episode of R'N'R Radio

Yeah, the headline tells the tale, kids...this Wednesday ya slimy sicko's get a oldie-but-trashy hour long Rock'N'Roll Radio show from the vaults (8-9pm) then an after-party slide into the truly bizarro world of the Greater Columbia Society for the Preservation of Soul (9-10pm)...can ya dig?!?
Dig only on WUSC-FM, baby!

Here goes the G.C.S.P.S. Showcase #4 playlist fer yer edification:
the Budos Band "Sing a Simple Song"
Dean Carter "Sock It To Me Baby"
the Brightlights "Motor City Funk part 1"
Laurindo Almeida "Club Caballeros"
"Kids in the Hall Theme"
'68 Comeback "Chantilly Rock"
the BellRays "Mother Pinball"
El Vez "Esta Bien Mamacita"
Rudy Robinson & the Hungry 5 "Mut-Ley Doing the Crawlpen"
Mt. Moriah Baptist Church Choir "Look Up"
Bob Landers with Willie Joe and his Guitar "Cherokee Dance"
John Lee Hooker & the Groundhogs "It's a Crazy Mixed Up World"
the Delta 72 "the Take Down"
Abraham & the Casanovas "the Kangaroo part 2"
Henry Peters & the Imperials "Master Groove part 1"
Joe Loco "Moderna Muchacha"
"Ren & Stimpy Theme"
Wreckless Eric "Joe Meek"
Southern Culture on the Skids "Hey Chuck Berry"

Do the Crawlpen, piefaces!