Saturday, September 15, 2007

Where ya been Jimmy?

Well seein' as I'm homeless at the moment I'm sleazin' it up home ain't gonna slow my roll!
No new episodes of R'N'R Radio planned but still bashin' out my next episode of Wild Wild Sound fer the ghastly folks over at it's done it'll be hot out the oven so stop askin' if we're done yet already.
As pokin' around the internet superhighway ain't exactly a priority I'm goin' low-fi and low-tech, but plan to vent (when I can) over at my soap box, Raunchy Noise, which ya can ramble over to any time by clickin' the lady on yer right under the Raunchy Noise bubble, trouble-makers. (yer already here, kids)

Oh yeah come join a bunch of jerks like me over at the GaragePunk Hideout!

ya know ya wanna, piefaces

Stay Sleazy,
Jim Stark
(more bite than bark)