Monday, November 26, 2007

Wild Wild Sound #5

Wild Wild Sound #5: Let's Get Fucked Up!

Screamin’ Jim Stark’s hosed homecomin’ to the GaragePunk Podcast is an ode to alcohol… drink up and pass out to the sloushed sounds of wasted wildness from the likes of the A-Bones, the Church Keys, BBQ, the Untamed Youth, the Woggles, the Cramps, & more buzzed bands! Too inebriated to be ignored! Too soused to be stopped! Dig it!

Download It!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

the Troggs know! I Can't Control Myself!!!

Easily one of the sleaziest songs of the sixties...banned by bozos worldwide, this jungle juke is a cat-call to action...thank yous go to the Troggs fer summin' up my libido in little over 3 minutes.

OH NOOOO (...yer not alone, sexaholics)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Goin' Back to the Best: Flat Duo Jets!

So I got into a discussion with a new friend over at the Hideout, about rockabilly and how I've fallen outta love with most of it, 'cept the really nasty 'n' dirty slop...which got me to thinkin' of one of my top 5 "rockabilly" bands of all time, the Flat Duo Jets!
Dexter Romweber and Crow made a modern r'n'r duo not to be fucked with, way before the White Stripes and two-man band popularity...part rockabilly, part surf, all intense and raucous...their music helped me open my early ears to the trashy rock'n'roll I now so dearly dig...'nuf of that.
Though the followin' music video (can't hardly believe they ever made one!!) doesn't serve the boys enuf credit as the manic force of nature they were in their heyday, it does give ya a sample of their sound...fer a great glimpse at the real Dexter & Crow check out the documentary Athens, Ga: Inside/Out (skip over the snoozefest REM crap and get right to the 'Jets if ya see this on DVD) and buy all their albums (except the last one, Lucky Eye-what a stinker from such a great band)
Anyhow, I'll leave ya to google away if this noise gets ya goin' (and if ya don't dig it ya will never get it, baby)...oh yeah and don't bother lookin' to see 'em play as they unfortunately called it quits some time back, but Dex and Crow each have their own solo projects goin' and left us their best as the 'Jets.

fuck psychobilly, this is where the real rockabilly action's at!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Sultan of Sleaze: John Waters & his Filthy World

Last nite I had the privilege of seein' the sleazster himself, John Waters, live-in-person runnin' through his This Filthy World routine. As an insane fan of Waters' work (especially Pink Flamingos - classic trash!) and philosophy, I knew the cat had some humor and sense about him as his films always had thee dirty tongue firmly planted in cheek . What I didn't know was how fuckin' hilarious he is as a story teller (who gives a rip if they're all true) and how much sick, but intelligent advice he spews. I could make a laundry list here of his words o' wisdom, but what really rung my bell (and not a minute too late) was his call to arms to make the best and filthiest of wherever yer planted - not to move to hipsville but create yer own sick world right where yer at...I could drag on here, but instead I give ya a glimpse of what ya could expect from Waters' This Filthy World (which has recently been turned into a documentary on DVD) below...dig it!

John Waters is one of the few who really knows what I mean when I say "Stay Sleazy"