Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Sultan of Sleaze: John Waters & his Filthy World

Last nite I had the privilege of seein' the sleazster himself, John Waters, live-in-person runnin' through his This Filthy World routine. As an insane fan of Waters' work (especially Pink Flamingos - classic trash!) and philosophy, I knew the cat had some humor and sense about him as his films always had thee dirty tongue firmly planted in cheek . What I didn't know was how fuckin' hilarious he is as a story teller (who gives a rip if they're all true) and how much sick, but intelligent advice he spews. I could make a laundry list here of his words o' wisdom, but what really rung my bell (and not a minute too late) was his call to arms to make the best and filthiest of wherever yer planted - not to move to hipsville but create yer own sick world right where yer at...I could drag on here, but instead I give ya a glimpse of what ya could expect from Waters' This Filthy World (which has recently been turned into a documentary on DVD) below...dig it!

John Waters is one of the few who really knows what I mean when I say "Stay Sleazy"