Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Blog Alert! ...from the Norton Camp No Less!

Yeppers, yer peepers ain't deceivers!

The fabulous Miriam Linna has finally joined us in the blogosphere (did I really just use that term?!?) with her shit-hot Kicksville 66 internet mouthpiece.

Miss Kicks magazine, kiddos? This could very well be the second coming of the sleazy sounds savior in written word! At least my buddy Michael Kaiser is keen to believe (dig his side of the story right here).

The first few post are Miriam's ruminations on her time with the Cramps and make fer great reads...so yeah, now ya know where the action's at...dig it!!!

Miriam Linna with hubby & Norton
Records co-conspirator Billy Miller

Reminds me, I gots to find those photos of me & Miriam at the Mighty Hannibal Day dedication show!


Anonymous said...
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IDON MINE said...

Soooo... vere arre thesee photos of you ahnd Miriam???