Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Let's All Get on the Same Page Here...

Fer all y'all playin' along at home ya may be wonderin' why I had two blogs, one fer my old radioshow (Rock'N'Roll Radio)/new podcast (Wild Wild Sound) and one fer my random blatherin's (Raunchy Noise) ...well wonder no mo', kids!

Just today I made the leap to merge the two blogs into one mega-blog...dah, dah, daahhh.

So now anyone typin' into their bop-ity browser will be whisked away to this very blog...magical isn't it?
Oh, & I just bought me, too (this sucker should go live very soon...once the authorities make sure everything's on the up 'n' up....suckers)

So now ya know ...and knowin's half the battle, baby


Michael Kaiser said...

All I wanna know is what site to link to on my bloggy-thing.

liza jane said...

right on brother.

Jim Stark said...

This is the one and only now...sorry fer any confusion or killed-off links this may have caused, gang!