Sunday, July 26, 2009

Puerto Rican GaragePunk Storms Cola-town

Holy Shit! After much hoopla, those dirty kids known as Davila 666 are actually gonna go garageslop-nuts all over the fine folks at the Whig on August 6th...just one mo' stop in the Puerto Rican band's "Latin Lingo for Rats & Gringos" tour...& believe the hype hipsters, this show is gonna slay ya! C'mon out and party with easily thee coolest groop from the Isle of Enchantment yet! Kickin' the wildness off with local rockers, the Thirsties...Squares beware, this show will be raw & rare!

don't forget thee Fines Lines show the followin' Sunday, August 9th! Gonna be one helluva ball y'all...