Sunday, November 8, 2009

the Wild World of Gettin' Older & Celebratin' the Nonsense

The Great 28 Bash was by all accounts (meanin' mine mostly) a success! An exercise in sheer stupidity, enthusiasm, and endurance...all traits I admire and put on display fer the ages!

Summation: Bar golf is a brutal sport and the random luck of the Reigning Sound playin' a stellar set at my fave bar (el Whig, of course) with the company of great friends makes this one a topper on the old list...I mean Greg Cartwright even wished me a happy b-day and the entire bar broke out into the that certain b-day tune, baby...I can dig it, if only I could remember (more) of it!

& in other news, I not now nor ever will be inducted into the illustrious "27 Club" ...cha-cha cha