Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wild Wild Sound Wednesday Rerun #2

Ah, the Rerun! ...the classic, shinin' example of creative matter, cuz this post aims to pry podcasts past back to the present--they demand to be heard! Spread the word--these tunes ain't no turds! Multiple spins is the best way to lose unwanted neighbors, loved-ones, and yer insanity!

& now we present the 2nd installment of this shindig, Wild Wild Sound #2

SICK '66

Particular spectaculars from the sickest of years in far out is what it's all about, baby.

Download it!

...this sleazy year of our lord, 1966...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Behold Black Beauty, Re-beautification Pt. 2

Well howdy once mo', ya maroons!

As sweared to ya here's the 2nd part of my automotive-adornment: an impactful race-car-red RC rally flag, sported on my sturdy radiowave-receptor!

Nothin' truely raises red-flags like a banged-up black coup, geeked up with jolly roger on the hood and actual danger red-flag a-flyin' by ya, grandmas! Can't ya hear the rotten roar now...local traffic-law-abidders beware! I give personality a complex, childhood chimera at a time...

Lesson here: Stand out or stand down, kids! & contrast with my square neighbors' cars

dig it...vrroom, vrroom, baby

Sunday, November 8, 2009

the Wild World of Gettin' Older & Celebratin' the Nonsense

The Great 28 Bash was by all accounts (meanin' mine mostly) a success! An exercise in sheer stupidity, enthusiasm, and endurance...all traits I admire and put on display fer the ages!

Summation: Bar golf is a brutal sport and the random luck of the Reigning Sound playin' a stellar set at my fave bar (el Whig, of course) with the company of great friends makes this one a topper on the old list...I mean Greg Cartwright even wished me a happy b-day and the entire bar broke out into the that certain b-day tune, baby...I can dig it, if only I could remember (more) of it!

& in other news, I not now nor ever will be inducted into the illustrious "27 Club" ...cha-cha cha