Monday, January 18, 2010

Ways to Entertain...

So a quick blast right here to keep yer gears grindin' & yer brain borderline's a few things I got hip to as of late, so I'm passin' on the tip:

Force of a Revolving Toilet
Lots o' blogs out there today manhandlin' music with homemade mix tapes fer the curious to dip into, but gots to say this 'un takes the cake...Run by Tommy B. & buddies (many of G.C.S.P.S. fame), they casually throw around some pretty decent discarded sounds & slop...Very necessary, like a courtesy flush in a bathroom world of bad music!
TeenScream Radio on WUSC-FM (Sundays 8-10pm - & it streams live!)
Just stumbled upon this killer diller of a radio program on the wild WUSC on a sufferin' Sunday nite...But wang-dang-doodie did Will the Thrill (who hosts this wondrous show) brighten it up with the main course: nothin' but thee creme of 50's and 60's r'n'r platters...super stoked to hear somebody still preachin' the joys (like many moons ago on Rock'N'Roll Radio)...y'all need to dig!

Oh and oo oo oo! How can I forget? Many of y'all yucksters and internets explorers may have already heard the news that the old Podcast Network has had a bit of the science-experiment-explosion & altogether dematerialized! But have no fear, ya fiends of the fuzzy tunes...Just join the Hideout to find all yer old favorite GPPN shows still in progress of poundin' down! Especially need to shout that if yer an eager beaver also be sure to subscribe to what strikes ya, like huge-hint-hint, Wild Wild Sound (so ya can be among the first to be terror-fied by future eppy-sodes)...cuz I swear number 12 is still on the shelf and it's a swell southern scorcher!