Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Like Wild! the Mondellos Meet the Get Wets


See the Mondellos make mincemeat out of yer primitive passions!
See the Get Wets grope madly at yer immature inclinations!

...the kind of carnal and savage thing that before ya could only see in the pages of Nat'l Geographic!

& the world waits with baited, beer-stench'd breath...fer the rendezvous of raunch at el Whig! ...oh mother nature, do ya know no sin??

Watch in terror, June 19th...fer absolutely no scratch!

UPDATE: the Get Wets get press! ...a lil write-up action about the show from our friends over at the Free Times in the week of June 16 issue:

The Get Wets — Call it rhythm and booze, call it slop ‘n’ bop, call it ga-raunch. Call it what you will, but the Get Wets purvey a brand of extra-scuzzy, extra-raunchy, extra-wild brand of peppy, primitive garage rock (think ‘60s garage progenitors the Sonics) that’s heavy on fuzz bass, primal screams and punky pop tunes. It’s good for what ails you, and it’ll get you go-go dancing in no time flat. Similarly sloppy Atlanta garage-rock act the Mondellos open, and their brand of Tobacco Road-via-Bikini Beach surf-stomp is as potent as it comes.
P. Wall
The Whig: 11 p.m., free; 931-8852,

it's a Sud-sloshin' Subterranean Southeastern Slop Showdown, y'all!


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