Monday, July 5, 2010

Cocktail Commotion: the Rum Summer

There's something curious, something captivatin', something down right cool about a crazy spirituous concoction...that's what all this commotion is about, baby...My soirees into dipsomaniac delight and drinks that I just plain on with the openin' act:

It's no secret that I'm pretty hip to the Hunter S.-lifestyle (that's a reference to the Doctor of Gonzo, ya dig) and all the wild ways of this world that the man and the myth revealed to me in his writin'...mostly his magnificent, semi-fictional send-up of life as an American journalist in the glory-days of loco Puerto Rico (& my obligatory summer read), the Rum Diary. To truly feel the scene I make it a point to relax it up with the relief of some of my own rum-yum action...something as sweet as the season, something I call the Rum Summer!

Here's how it shakes, baby:

- Light Rum of choice (I'm kinda partial to Ron Rico...watchin' the wallet, 'natch)
- real-deal Sweet Tea (i.e. not tea that ya shot up with's gotta be brewed with sugar baby)
- fresh Lemon Juice

Get yerself an easy-breezy rocks glass (with plenty o' rocks...yer frozen aqua cubes fer the uninitiated) and toss in one part rum and one part sweet tea...give it a swirl & a dash of the lovely lemon juice...let the summer fun set sail...this beaut of a beverage can kick ya into gear and bring ya to the edge of the Fear...I'm sure Hunter would be proud...

...stay tuned fer more red-eye recipes...til then, sip away baby!


britt said...

beyound Italian aint it? a great way to prepare for the mall. so the secret is in the squirrel?
slave trader baby-i recommend that Kraken brand when you need to dive deeps.