Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back-to-Cool Bash at Bey's, baby


Whoa, I know! Another Get Wets ballyhoo of brew-ha-ha at Bey's, baby!
...It's the Back-to-Cool Bash fer those who got the party rash that only the Get Wets can scratch...with special guests the Dirty White from frantic Florence, SC...dig it baby!

I'll let the mighty fine local press, the Free Times, finish up the story mornin' glory:

"While they might not be the tightest band around, surf-punk upstarts
the Get Wets make up for any lack of musical ambition with a self-aware hyperactivity and a layer of ironic cool that seals the deal. And they know their stuff — the group plays a slew of classic surf rock covers with glorious abandon. It’s a back-to-school party with no thinking involved. The Dirty White, from Florence, opens; the noisy trio blends Dischord-influenced chord progressions with alt-rock stomp and bizarre tunings.
" -K. Petersen
Bey’s: 9 p.m., free; 255-2996.