Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trent Fox & the Tenants - Mess Around EP

And just when this man thought garagepunk was a goner, I hear a Mid-West heartbeat from Trent Fox & the Tenants...They got that filty'n'fun thing down baby, with snotty songs on a party platter made to shatter yer shimmy pretentions!
A very Black Lips-friendly sound, yet a bit more focused on the meat'n'potatoes subject matter & music of us sore losers...the a-side of this seven-incher sets the record straight with some traditional slop pop...the b-side gets a bit more adventurous but still socks ya with a wallop...5 frenzied songs in all!

Here's a taste, via live video of the title track:

Another fine vinyl vendible from Kind Turkey Records