Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birth of Chill-surf?

An attempt to explain this wild wave of low-tide surf-pop

There seems to be a sonic scene springin' forth that sings to my sound canals...Now I'm aware we drift the lonely ocean of the post-modern genre conga and am dip-hip enuf to cruise the dare I say "chill-wave" shores, but as the tide rolls back on this low-key, laid back beat fer the scenester-sect I can hear something new floatin' in the wake--a real relaxed pop sound owin' it's weight in seawater to surf rock...it's got that reverb quality, baby!...tropical, even...let's call it "chill-surf", shall we skipper?
(sorta a dirty shame "chill-wave" was already took)

Some notable samples so ya know I'm not full of salt:

Spectrals "Peppermint"

Ducktails "Killin' the Vibe"

Fair Ohs "Almost Island"

Mermaids "Holiday" (...tho a poor recordin' one of my personal favs beat combos from the bunch)

...& natch there's already the airwave-paved groups like Wavves and Best Coast cuttin' spinners in the breaks...who am I forgettin'?...& why this mad undercurrent in the underground to what Dom Gourlay baptized as "Spector-goes-surfing inspired lo-fi pop" in an interview article with Spectrals fer Drowned In Sound?
Guess let's not think too hard on this one and just enjoy this musical slice of island-style paradise, right...


Jim Stark said...

& yes, realize I didn't explain anything here, kids...