Saturday, February 19, 2011

Orange Iguanas - Orange Iguanas

Orange IguanasEven though it's just barely warm this lil' tape makes me wanna go Summertime ape!...yes, I said tape, unga-bunga...Orange Iguanas have cut to the juvenile core of great garage-pop on this six-song-slap...whispers of K Records songsmithery can almost be heard in a sonic-crush between Smith Westerns and the Epsilons...& bonus bops to this band's vocal group (take note everybody!), once we all start singin' along the song just sounds all the sweeter...the a-side makes this cat go a wee wilder than the flip but this cassette is a pure cruisin'-to-stay-cool soundtrack...gimme the heat and the beat, baby!

If ya need one of these suckers fer yer audio tape playback party device, rewind yerself right here

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trent Fox & the Tenants - Mess Around EP

And just when this man thought garagepunk was a goner, I hear a Mid-West heartbeat from Trent Fox & the Tenants...They got that filty'n'fun thing down baby, with snotty songs on a party platter made to shatter yer shimmy pretentions!
A very Black Lips-friendly sound, yet a bit more focused on the meat'n'potatoes subject matter & music of us sore losers...the a-side of this seven-incher sets the record straight with some traditional slop pop...the b-side gets a bit more adventurous but still socks ya with a wallop...5 frenzied songs in all!

Here's a taste, via live video of the title track:

Another fine vinyl vendible from Kind Turkey Records

Monday, February 7, 2011

the Get Wets Get Some Page Time in G&B Magazine

It's true, our first teen-scream magazine interview...with wild wet t-shirt pic!
the Get Wets Gettin' All Sorts of Wet
Get the whole scoop on the Get Wets in the Spring 2011 issue of the G&B Magazine (full page 42, peggy sue!)...or snag yerself a copy in the flesh if ya live in Soda City (...or one more time online here)