Sunday, September 18, 2011

the Get Wets at Viva La Vista, baby

Come get drenched on a Sunday afternoon with Columbi-Yeah's premier party band, the Get Wets, at the annual Viva La Vista celebration!

Along with frosty brews, flavorful food, and fun ya can find the Get Wets appearin' on Stage 2 around 3pm...shake it to yer favorite beat combo in the daylight!

...did we mention admission is FREE, baby!

...did we also mention that Pat Wall of the Free Times called the Get Wets "outrageously fun garage-rock", be there, squares!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Well Well Well (If'n It Ain't) Ass/Bastard

Well Well Well If'n It Ain't...
Boy howdy! Here today, kiss 'em bon voyage mañana, the Columbi-Yeah group widely known (especially to the ladies) as Ass/Bastard had a rip roarin', slop'n'bop shindig last Friday fer their truly epic album release, Well, Well, Well, If'n It Ain't Ass/Bastard...11 licks of loudness and low brow no-no party of Chuck Berry and early '70s-era Stones should be all ears here...and in the middle of all the million sellers on the record, it adds a wink to my eye and skip to my hip that the gentlemen of Ass/Bastard thought enuf even to write a ditty about the duke of kook, yers truly, duly dubbed "Jimmy Spazz"! ...dig it below:

And natch y'all need a copy fer yer next baby-boppin', riled up record gatherin' so snag a slab directly from the band...or catch these cats at their far-too-soon farewell show September 24th at Bey's in 5 Points