Friday, September 16, 2011

Well Well Well (If'n It Ain't) Ass/Bastard

Well Well Well If'n It Ain't...
Boy howdy! Here today, kiss 'em bon voyage mañana, the Columbi-Yeah group widely known (especially to the ladies) as Ass/Bastard had a rip roarin', slop'n'bop shindig last Friday fer their truly epic album release, Well, Well, Well, If'n It Ain't Ass/Bastard...11 licks of loudness and low brow no-no party of Chuck Berry and early '70s-era Stones should be all ears here...and in the middle of all the million sellers on the record, it adds a wink to my eye and skip to my hip that the gentlemen of Ass/Bastard thought enuf even to write a ditty about the duke of kook, yers truly, duly dubbed "Jimmy Spazz"! ...dig it below:

And natch y'all need a copy fer yer next baby-boppin', riled up record gatherin' so snag a slab directly from the band...or catch these cats at their far-too-soon farewell show September 24th at Bey's in 5 Points