Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Great Shakes fer the Get Wets

Well, well, well folks keep crowin' about the Get Wets' pound-down, party sound (we can't blame 'em baby)...here's what the Daily Gamecock has to scribble about our fracas-wiggles at last week's Arts & Draughts at the Columbia Museum of Art:

Self-described "party band" The Get Wets closed out the evening with a rousing performance filled with "woo hoo" shouts, shimmying and three-part harmonies. The band's set turned the event into a full-on celebration, bringing to life the bassist's statement, "You can't spell 'party' without the word 'art.'"

...'case yer weren't there to witness the wows here's a small sample, tho of a slow-mo number:

"Have Love, Will Travel" performed by the Get Wets, originally by Richard Berry...dig it!
(video courtesy of the Stereofly Collective)