Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tiki at the Tavern 2!: Tiki Harder

It's almost that time of the season fer fruity drinks, sleazy sounds & plastic primitive culture celebrations...look out fer trouble, tiki action is comin' to the New Brookland Tavern fer a sequel with no such equal!

Party stompers 'n' shakers, this is yer invitation to please the party gods once more fer Tiki at the Tavern 2: Tiki Harder...which also happens to be the Get Wets' first swig of this scene this year, along side a mighty mix of fun flavors from favorites Dead Surf, Gravitron & the Noise {is love} (let it be noted on yer beverage coaster all four bands are from crazy Columbi-yeah, baby)...but that ain't all to the ball, there's island games with a hula contest, limbo line & twist-off as well as the crownin' of the king & queen of the luau...dig it, kids!

So don't be a some kinda square, throw on yer shag rags July 7th and come out to sip, flip & get hip!