Monday, February 3, 2014

Short And Sweet

Top 5 Songs from the 1960s Under 2 Minutes

It’s understandable that today’s pop culture could be a reaction to the hustle and bustle of modern life. And with so many competing sounds seeking our short attention spans, maybe I long for a less long-winded popular music world in particular. Maybe this also warrants why I dig what could be considered the highwater mark in popular music: the 1960s. Some say the 1960s was a simpler timehere's five pop songs that suggest it may have been a shorter time too.

“Stay” by Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs (1960) - 1:50

Aside from being an instant hit (and the original version being recorded in the town I call home: Columbia, South Carolina), it’s every lusty teenager’s urgent request so we can all relate. The infectious falsetto accompanying Maurice’s swiftly sound argument keeps us spinning this song until we agree to his plea.

“Hawaii” by the Beach Boys (1963) - 1:59

A lesser known gem from the genius of Brian Wilson and Mike Love barely makes the cut at just under 120 seconds. A song that sends us promptly on a pacific-island, surf getaway that (though the song itself is short) we probably wished would last forever.

“She Said Yeah” by the Rolling Stones (1965) - 1:34

The only cover on this list (originally recorded by the real rhythm & blues brother Larry Williams) also happens to hold the title of shortest song here. The Stones rollick through this succinct exclamation at just the right speed to get stuck in your head long after the last guitar lick.

“the Letter” by the Box Tops (1967) - 1:58

Another tune sliding in like express mail just under the two-minute mark. Sung by a sweet sixteen Alex Chilton, it’s a song of not-so-quiet desperation to return posthaste to a chick that can’t be bothered to wait a second longer.

“Why Don’t We Do It In The Road” by the Beatles (1968) - 1:42

An awfully long title for a tune so short and salacious...and probably the only Paul McCartney tune I’ll admit to digging. This repetitive romp gets to the point and arguably ends within the amount of time carnal success in the streets should take.

---this article by yers truly originally appeared in Incognito magazine, vol. 17 Winter 2014...snag it, baby!