Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gotta love 'em all, baby ....Talkin' 'Bout Girls!

Yeah, so my libido outshines my mojo in the girl department as of late...matter o' fact, I've never had a huge problem pickin' up that chickadee, but I ain't no Don Juan, baby...So what did I do to get in this swinger's fault: "just one girl and that ain't enuf!" ...damn did the Chocolate Watch Band get that right with their instant supersex song, "Let's Talk About Girls", the skinny on the battle man fights with monogamy!!! "I gotta love 'em all, baby, not just a few....Make 'em all happy then make 'em all blue!"

Well it's my way baby and the looks like atleast two other bands agreed with me and the Chocolate Watch Band so much they took it on to spread the word...I give ya, count 'em, two covers of this sleaziness:

LET'S TALK ABOUT GIRLS (the Grodes circa '60s Arizona trash beat)
LET'S TALK ABOUT GIRLS (the Lyres garage-groovy early '80s sleazy spin)

Okay so I'm not that lucky with the ladies...but dig this compilation fer wowin' thee women...oh, yeah-buy all the Grodes and Lyres ya can find, baby!!!