Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Real Live Wire: Mondo Topless at NBT in Cola-town

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...yeah...fuck it.

Bit of a prequel here: My best friend (Judy) and me, tired of waitin' on the garage rock train that never arrives in Cola-town, have actively started beatin' the drum and stirrin' the pot as to get great live band slop in our neck o' the woods. This show is our garage goal realized, baby...fer the very first time under our "promotion" a garage group makes a stop in beautiful Cola-town...

So D-day arrives and of course it fuckin' pours all damn day. This coupled with the show booked at one of the town's former hot venues, but now pretty much shunned dive (fer some good reasons, some not so good...), the New Brookland Tavern.

But fuck everything, the stars of the evening, Mondo Topless, shined all the brighter in their garage rock glory. Long set (fer our standards - over 45 minutes is a workout!) with mostly "classics" and only the real stompers from their latest release (which was 2 years old...hahaha)...I mean it's Vox organ madness with stringed wildmen and probably the best & craziest garage rock drummer I've heard in times.

But, not a one of our town's "rock'n'rollers" showed their dirty mugs. What the fuck.
And, the two other bands on the bill I won't even bother mentioning, though without their respective crowds the venue woulda been deadsville...hopefully their fans dug it (and MT sold some merch!).

Coolest part: Mondo Topless crashed at Judy's place, where stories spewed and the PBR overflowed....but four of the nicest house guests ya could ask fer (sorry fer ruining yer rock'n'roll reputation, boys!)

On the whole we had a blast, but dammit all if I don't want more outta Cola-town.