Monday, March 17, 2008

Memphis Blues

Yeah, just last week I made the trip to my Mecca: Memphis, Tennessee

First thoughts on Memphis while I was there: Wow, this town has gotten commercialized and gentrified ...Sad.

Thoughts once I returned home: Wow, that was still a fuckin' kickin' trip and a cool town...when can I go back!?!

So I finally got to go to Goner Records (and meet proprietor Eric Oblivian!) inked at Underground Art (picture to come soon) ...passed through the music museums (Sun, Stax, & the Rock'n'Soul) ...'course I toured the infamous Graceland (blah ...any soul left of Elvis' legacy is gone now) ...and sleazed it up on schlocky Beale Street (damn this is a real tragedy ...a fuckin' tourist trap now) and got trashy (read: trashed!) in Mid-town bars summation: Had a Blast!

Long Live Memphis!


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