Monday, October 20, 2008

A Real Live Wire: thee Crucials & Rob the Throb at Ernesto's House

Let me begin with sayin' that there's no greater venue than a trashed house party and goddammit Ernesto's pad is always a good time, live music or not.

After Plundershop paved the way early in the evening fer the main attractions with a freak-out set-ender, Rob the Throb set-up fer a one man band throw down (my 1st time seein' this kid live). Even sick, as Mr. Throb reminded us the whole nite (hahaha Rob!), his one-two beat sound pounded the crowd and he took my loud-mouth antagonism the entire show ("THROBBINNNN'")...amateur guitar work be damned, the kids dug it and here's hopin' Rob continues down the garage-blues-slop road...

And without most of the kids knowing what was about to hit 'em, thee Crucials took the "stage" and immediately proved why they are the second comin' of a garagerock frat party gone horribly psychotic...the floor literally shook, shit was broken, lead singer Shake danced on amps and the crowd just danced even harder right back ....the kids went completely nuts-zoid and rock'n'roll was reborn fer me again...fuck yeah, that's why I dig this trash! & I gots a badly bruised tambourine hand to prove it!!!

Keg floatin' & house destroyed, thee Crucials left triumphant...

Damn, I love house parties.

A few snaps of thee Crucials doin' it to it below

More pics to come, piefaces!


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