Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rock'N'Roll Monkey and the Robots - Back to Beatsville

A happy fun-time album just over a half hour, Back to Beatsville goes fer kitschy and post-modern and gets away with it in spades, my friends...shakin' lots outta the garage rock tree but unafraid to whip it with machines fer the real strange fruit, Rock'N'Roll Monkey and the Robots are a party group...can we say this group owes a serious debt to the Cramps (I can dig it, baby) and just about every rock group just out fer kicks (read: none of that "serious music" garbage)...gots to say this group's originality is growin' on me (& that's a lot comin' from this here slop-snob, kids, as I ain't typically a fan of this stripe of style) and worth multiple spins on yer hi-fi...highlites are "We Want to Hear You Howl", "Time Machine", "Zombie Attack!", and "Do the Rock'N'Roll Monkey"...really kids, do the Rock'N'Roll Monkey!


Jim Stark said...

My first record review! Woo-hoo!

sexy said...
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