Friday, December 12, 2008

A Real Live Wire: Greg Cartwright at the Whig

So last nite I caught a bit of garage-rock history--the return to Cola-town, SC by the great Greg Cartwright!

They said it couldn't be done, but Greg found it in him to take another stab at SC's capital city that let him down some years back with a disappointing Compulsive Gamblers show (ain't gonna spew any details on this as I wasn't there either)...Goddammit, I'm not sure who or what talked him into the show, but we were beyond treated to a stellar performance from a sick and injured (he had broken a toe the day before) ex-Oblivian...

I wasn't sure about a Greg "one man band", but sans any percussion or musical gimmicks this man tore it up in a way one man shouldn't be capable of, baby. I dig most of Greg's tunes over the many band manifestations, but seein' him do it to it, live, just him and a guitar, proves to me not only how fuckin' excellent he is as a songwriter but more over as a performer as his originals and cover tunes just ooze Cartwright-ness...the man is the music...

After a wow-arama of a live performance that included just about every song I shouted out at the poor man in addition to my shittily-screamed backup vocals (not at his request, snicker), Greg then tirelessly hit the turntables with local DJ Sindoolah to provide a memorable dance party from Greg's mighty 7" collection...I mean fuckin' gem after gem of goodness...R&B, blues, rock, and everything inbetween got the kids at the Whig a-goin'....I ain't shook so hard on a dance floor in a while and it was the perfect follow-up to such an impressive show, givin' everyone a peek into what moves Mr. Cartwright......whoaaaa, I'm still realin' almost 24 hours later, kids.

Just before I left Greg made the effort to thank me personally fer comin' out and enjoyin' the show (was I that obvious...'natch)...all I could say to one of my musically idols:
"I really dug it...thanks fer comin' to Cola-town...and please come back...soon!"

Fingers crossed.

If yer interested in hearin' what this guy's all about, I recommend the uninitiated check out Greg's current group, Reigning now!

By the way, the snapshots of the "Bad Man" are all courtesy of Sindoolah (who's also pictured in the last shot coincidentally)


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