Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cola-town Hipsters Go Big League!

Hahahaha...Those of y'all who know me know that I revel in laffin' at scenesters & hipsters like they're goin' outta style (pun intended) and nothin' gets a good cackle outta me like one of my favorite blogs:

Look At This Fucking Hipster

Yes, a painfully hilarious blog of nothin' but pix of the stupidest, fashion over fuck-tion folks with, dare I smirk, witty captions...

...and to my surprise (but not shock) I stumbled upon two local Cola-town scenesters
in today's posting (see above or click here fer the actual blog posting)...It's Debra & her "model" friend (whose name escapes me...probably cuz he's too big of a douchey hipster to ever talk to me, thank god)...I'd love to know who submitted this picture to the blog and buy them a shot fer helpin' to expose the dreaded scenester epidemic in my town.

Now I'm on a new mission to find photos of all the local hipsters & flood the Look At This Fucking Hipster blog with 'em...after all hipsters are simply the new hippie...and I fuckin' hate hippies...