Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Int'l Louie Louie Day!

Ah, a whole day to celebrate the insanity of an instant classic...I could ramble on like a teenage girl high on a crush, but instead I'm gonna direct those interested over to the incredible and infamous "Louie Report" (the official blog of the's Eric Predoehl, Louiest-with-the-mostest) for mo':
International Louie Louie Day - with a special video clip of the Buffalo Chips

Btw, the Buffalo Chips version seems a bit on the hokey side at first, but hang in there as all kindsa idiotic musicianship and fancy footwork go all apocalyptic by the end of this ride.

And fer the uninitiated (maybe there's few a y'all still livin' under a rock out there) I give ya a decent early Louie history lesson I found on youtube:

One last note...fer those itchin' to know why the hell April 11th was the chosen date as it has nothin' to do with Louie history does just so happen to be the birthday of the late great Richard Berry, original songwriter of this very holy there...dig it.


Anonymous said...
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IDON MINE said...

Man I havta send ya some spanish renderations of this tune - some amazing doo-wop stuff in there!