Thursday, July 9, 2009

thee Crucials - Give Me...A Keg...Of Beer

Let me say all this noise right here at kick-off:

* I LOVE this groop...lots.

* Full Disclaimer: I got mentioned in the liner notes ...what fer, I ain't quite sure...maybe they knew I'd review their album and give it a glowin' write-up...actually maybe just cuz me & Shake are buds...let's not harp on this, kids...I partied too hardy last nite and I just need to listen to Give Me... & get my head on straight...

Now that I got that outta the way, the review:

Rabid rockers and frantic, full-on fits of garage goodness...thee Crucials did an amazin' job of capturin' their live likeness on this, their first long-play album on Kaiser Records. The record spreads a pretty wide swath of party pounders, some brand new and some tried-and-true tunes...and we're all lucky that the band known fer crazed live shows could actually get this insanity down on easy feat I'm pos-i-tive, baby.

What thee Crucials have here fer the years are not only some of the catchiest choruses and licks but tunes that demand not only the attention of yer head, but mo' importantly to me, yer feet! I wish more bands had the wherewithal to keep it fun (but not overly silly)...this band's album continues the time honored tradition of acknowledgin' "what they doin' ain't got no soul...gonna show ya how to rock'n'roll" shakes, it stomps, it sears yer ears!

There's a lil something fer all the garage fiends: fuzz-busters like "Crucials Are Go!" & "She Loves Her, Yeah", open-heart, loud lovesongs like "Doe Eyes" & "Now You Gotta Break My Heart", plus simple shindig starters such as "Can't Sit Still", "You Ain't the One" & "Squares Beware"...A total listenin' experience to lose yer mind, baby...dig it!

I'm also ecstatic & proud that upon multiple listens it's clear that thee Crucials are takin' back the title of "frat-party fracus" music from the grips of mainstream morons...y'all can file this swell LP in with Paul Revere, Sam the Sham, the Woggles, & the Untamed Youth, not that DMB gar-bage!

You need this one, least two copies cuz yer gonna wear out the first one, guaranteed!!