Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the mood fer a laff...

In the annals of bad comedies ya'd be wise to not suffer thru the embarrassment of the 1953 flick, the Caddy. Even starrin' the marvelous movie-moronic-duo, Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis (and poor Donna Reed hangin' on fer mercy), this picture could not and would not be saved by any amount of totaled why bother bringin' it up?
Well the highlight here kids is a hilarious "blooper" reel of Martin & Lewis yukkin' it up with dirty mouths durin' what I'm sure even they were aware was a pointless promo spot fer a failure of a flick...but what came outta this session is the real comedy chemistry between these two entertainment-ville elites & a real gone laff-fest! Dig it below:

& fer those eager to get their grubby hands on this, good luck! But it may be worth the hunt cuz this blooper track and much more zaniness can be found on the Psycho Serenade comp-i-lation LP (on the Beware label)...a real mixed blast of bugged-out tunes and audio clips that's enuf to drive ya batty...wreck-o-mended, baby!


Tri-Anna said...

Oh baby... yer a box o' giggles. I knew from the tone of the voices that I was gonna smile. You're right, nobody ever remembers this part of the "good old days"?

IDON MINE said...

Haaaa! Tooooo fraggin' good!