Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lat-Teens do Likeable "Louie Louie"

Bored as a piece o' wood at work today brings be back to my eternal search fer "Louie Louie" phenomenons...skippin' & skimmin' thru all the internets I fell on this version by a latin soul group from the late '60s lovingly labeled as the Lat-Teens...nice! (lil' shing-a-ling anyone?)

I'm a bit stunned by this one, kids, as it neither falls into the real raucous nor ruinous categories...but it gave me a swig of "Louie" refreshment, so can't say this number don't hold's a bit of the mild salsa, cha-cha and I have little info to back any of this up other than what wild wisdom is over at Funky 16 Corners (specifically Larry Grogan's 'Soul With An African Twist' article)...

This is a shock--one foot in a puddle, lightnin' strike shock, baby...I really dig Caribbean music and this "Louie" may be a new lynch-pin in my love and lunacy fer this song...I'm comin' to terms with my out and out swoon fer '60s ska (and most all other close musical cousins) and now that my eyes are open I can see thru the Bermuda Triangle of musical twists and turns of my life and, if I squint just right, what it was Richard Berry ("Louie Louie" originator, natch) saw & heard in that dah-dah-dah. da-dah. a long time ago...

"Louie dug the scene, didn't take long..."