Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wild Wild Sound Wednesday Rerun #1

Ah, the Rerun! ...the classic, shinin' example of creative matter, cuz this post aims to pry podcasts past back to the present--they demand to be heard! Spread the word--these tunes ain't no turds! Multiple spins is the best way to lose unwanted neighbors, loved-ones, and yer insanity!

& the first glorious go-round presented here for yer audio-excitement just so happens to be the hapless wonder that is Wild Wild Sound #1

INSTRO A-GO-GO (pt. 1)!

None o' that silly singin' to get in the way of the rippin', raucous racket!

Download it!


Michael Kaiser said...

Oh man! You beat me to the punch!!

I was gonna post a flashback of my own yesterday and never got around to it. Well heck, I'm still gonna do it too.

Carry on, soldier. Great minds n' such... Does that apply?

Jim Stark said...

Surely sir, surely!

Love me some RadiOblivion!