Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wheels On Fire - Cherry Bomb EP

Wheels On Fire was born to make garage-pop greatness...I knew it when "Bad Lie" blasted beautifully outta my hi-fi many months ago...And now I'm greeted with this fiery short-play record from that band from the other Athens (technically the other, other)...A bit raunchier to my eardrum-dum-dums but with tunes like three-pronged fishhooks...there's an element of frenzy just beneath the surface of these songs that will sing to ya...Can we start callin' this the new sound of power pop? Oh Jimmy, did that jibberish of a genre label just come out...yes, indeed!

So what ya get to hear here is the explosion of three finely sparked sonic gems plus a "late night" demo that all goes ka-boom, baby...all sticky sweet like nitroglycerin...I can see what Jack O. sees in them (cuz honey, the lead vocalist comes from the same school of singin' as Mr. Oblivian) and the organ work is knockin' on orgasmic...think a softer sexier Marked Men with plenty of Elvis Costello and Big Star sprinkled all over...not all the way gloriously-zombifyin' yet life-affirmin' like the "Bad Lie" 7-inch but baby if it got any closer it'd be on top of it!

snag this lil firecracker from Kind Turkey Records, kids


Ryan Katastrophe said...

Been meaning to snatch this up!