Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mermaids Splash the Get Wets' Dry-Off Par-Tee!!!

Mermaids/Get Wets Dry-Off Party at les Whig, Nov. 20th

Every high-seas romance of fuzz & reverb needs to come shore-side and towel off once in a while...but why not have a party where the watery wonderland meets the sand in a shindig of sound?

It's that very song of the ocean that we want to share with ya, baby... please join us for a musical affair somewhere beyond the sea as the Mermaids swim their way to Soda-city and the Get Wets show ya what it really means to be arrid extra dry...a jangle and shake date, ya mustn't be late!

For castaways who need to know what beautiful sounds like today:


Get Wets:

Please join us at les Whig fer the festivities.