Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sounds of the Surf and Sailin' with the Whales

Some times the moons just align & ya get just a whiff of seawater in the air...& with all this talk of chill-surf it's a sweet surprise to have found Ain't That a Beach ridin' the waves of WUSC FM Sundays from 2-4pm EST...Ragin' Jake hosts this reverby romp of some righteous surf and surf-inspired songs...a radio blast fer the bros and beach bunnies, baby
& cuz late notice beats no notice, the Get Wets will be makin' their premier appearance at Art Bar tonite to once again prove that even if they're the first band on the bill they are in fact Columbi-Yeah's Premier Party Band...the shimmyin' and shakin' starts 9pm sharp...21 or skidoo...$3 get ya in the door, the Get Wets get ya on the floor! Norwegian Blue plays too!