Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Shannon & the Clams - Sleep Talk

I rarely do the new-album-anticipation, ants-in-my-pants dance, but ever since I saw Shannon & the Clams last year in Athens, GA I've been sweatin' & shakin' at the the platter is out & I'm goin' bananas!

Sleep Talk could be a sleeper to the less that sophisticated slop'n'bop listener & honestly I snoozed thru my first spin, but now I'm wide wake & this record has thee shake! Clams fans are usta ruff'n'tumble doo-wop meets girl group meets surf-punk sound of their prior spinners and this dinger keeps ringin' that bell, but dare I say in a slightly sweeter way, if I Wanna Go Home was the party disaster platter, this new LP must be the after-shingdig soirée...not as much rambunctious but still a few rollickin' numbers ("the Cult Song", "King of the Sea") shuffled into a mix of mid-tempo boppers ("Baby Don't Do It", "Done With You")...I really dig the emphasis on girl group wallop, which is what really cuts this beat combo more than a notch above the in-crowd, natch...while the title cut just kills me, my stand-out may be "Oh Louie" due to the intentional (?) send-up to the legacy of prior Louies (do I really need to yak anymore about that!?!)

I don't think I can describe in dribble here how much I dig this band and this record will be on deck fer the foreseeable tropical future...ya need this sucker on yer hi-fi, like yesterday baby...& if ya ain't singin' along by the time the needle hits the end-of-record hiss, get yer ears checked kids!

Couple o' sample songs to get yer music noodle a-doodlin' below