Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the Get Wets Music Crawl Scrawl

So the Get Wets got some super swell Music Crawl scrawl in today's issue of the Free Times, courtesy of the always fun, number one Logan Young:

The Get Wets
8 p.m.

A garage-rock band without a guitarist is like, well, a garage band with no guitar. And yet these local trashcan Sinatras aren’t missing a single string. What they lack in the treble gets amply compensated on the low end. Theirs is a bottomed-out blitzkrieg of King Khan skiffle and Link Wray surf. Art Bar in autumn might be a tad bit nipply for their patented trunks ‘n’ flops, but once the nips o’ whiskey get swallowed, methinks frontman Jim Stark will have stripped to his skivvies in record time. Pace yourself, though. The Get Wets’ jangly rhythm ‘n’ booze is indeed a slippery slope.