Saturday, November 12, 2011

Get Wets' Smoke Signals & Pow-wow House Party

Wanted to slide in a quick sliver of Get Wets super-press on the heels of our Free Times Music Crawl show from the crazy & cool Mr. Kevin Oliver's Wrap Up article:

The Get Wets: Count this as the pleasant surprise of the night for me, as I had not experienced the barely controlled mayhem that is a Get Wets show prior to this. Even on a chilly evening playing outdoors the Get Wets were decked out in nothing more than red swim trunks and white T-shirts, making for a memorable visual as well. Garagey and fun, they get bonus points for the Free Times references dropped into one of their party anthems just for this occasion.


...Like wild, I think we wow'd 'em, baby! So goes the Get Wets' last bar show of the year, but wait we got one last house party yet to throw this's our smoke signal send-up to primitive pow-wow action with us shakin' & stomp dancin' at the famous Cypress Hill house finally, & with the lunatic fun likes of the Lean Few, too (Rob the Throb's two-man-band from Charlie-town)...come dressed to impress in yer finest high-heel moccasins & fanciest head-dress, we're gonna be layin' it down pre-gobble-gobble weekend party style!