Wednesday, April 4, 2012

File under: Swell Press fer the Get Wets...

More love fer Columbi-yeah's Premier Party Band from the party pros over at the Free Times today:

The Get Wets
— The appeal of pre-Beatlemania rock ‘n’ roll was its rebelliousness, its unabashed, wild, unruly, subversive-for-teens insouciance. The FBI investigated The Kingsmen after their “Louie Louie” success, worried about rebellious and/or indecent lyrics. The Get Wets were born of the same rock ‘n’ soul basement, their garage slop a wondrously murky din where Jim Stark’s frantic wails careen over the stomp of the rhythm section. There’s been some shake-up in The Get Wets’ camp lately; look for some sax and baritone guitar to make it into the fold. P. Wall
Art Bar: 9 p.m., $5; 929-0198,

We're sorts of excited to debut the new Get Wets, too!...remember, this Easter Eve we're gonna shake all nite!

hop to it, baby!


April 9th, Post-show up-to-update: got to meet 'n' geek with a couple of the folks from fellow SC garage group, the Berries...& there musta been some kinda impression made baby cuz they wrote up some sweet words about the madcap-hap at Art Bar...dig it!