Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sinner's Serenade at Art Bar April 7th!

Sinner's Serenade at Art Bar April 7th!
Dig the sweet sounds of sonic sleazy with all yer favorite southeastern swingers, Saturday April 7th at Art Bar! A real sinner's serenade with four bands to rock and roll your soul, shakin' side-by-side in Columbi-yeah, SC:

the Get Wets - Columbi-yeah's Premier Party Band has an all new line-up, now includin' sexy sax & bottom-boppin' baritone guitar!

thee Crucials - First show fer these ATL garagepunkers in almost two years!

Gravitron - Very first show fer the future space sounds band from Columbia's outer limits land!

Senator Artie Mondello - Mr. Mondello's other grand two-man-band!

...squares beware!