Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cocktail Commotion: the Psycho à Go-Go

There's something curious, something captivatin', something down right cool about a crazy spirituous concoction...that's what all this commotion is about, baby...My soirees into dipsomaniac delight and drinks that I just plain on with the second salvo:

Here's to spendin' Spring Break longin' to be beachside, but the beat goes on and lately it's led me back down the tequila trail...the followin' is a ramblin' regardin' one of my always on-deck cocktails, the Psycho à Go-Go!

So, like any crazy chronicle there's a bit of a weird back-story here...fling yerself back circa '04/'05 and the great battle fer the "slop rock" throne of Columbi-yeah, as the local rags were want to tag it...two local bands dukin' it out, the always incomprehensible South Holes against the insatiable Psycho à Go-Go (editor's note: the latter of the two I was a card-carryin' bandmember)...but this struggle over who would be crowned king of the South Carolina slop'n'bop scene manifested a whallop of wild live shows where the aforementioned garage-goons would be pitted against each other, though truth be told it was more à la the (mostly) friendly & fabricated Stones vs. Beatles bouts...

...& like any good battle of the bands, both beat combos went full-tilt every public appearance together, on or off stage...which brings us to the cocktail in question, kids...see the South Holes had knighted a humble variation of the bourbon'n'tonic mixture after their band name and really dug rubbin' it in the faces of Psycho à like anyone with a heartbeat we accepted the challenge and doubled down with a concoction of our own...the followin' is the mystery potion to our particular brand of a delirious drink, baptized with pride after our band:

- 2 parts 100% Agave Tequila (the cheaper the better so long as it's the real deal)
- 1 part Tonic Water
- several Lime wedges (the more the merrier, dig)
- a dash of Agave Nectar (or honey if no nectar can be procured)

Though not wholly original (a dumbed-down version could easily pass fer a T'N'T #2), it does the trick and was a mighty tasty bit of fuel fer our wildfire back in the heyday of the band...sadly tho that Psycho à Go-Go is no more, we can keep the spark of alive sippin' on this swell drink...cheers baby.

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